Friday 27 January 2012

Mini LUSH Haul!

Guess who went to LUSH today? Me me me! I spent just under $90 on a couple of bits and pieces including: a large sized American Cream conditioner ($29.95/500 ml) for my mother -- American Cream is scented of strawberries, honey and vanilla- it is one of LUSH's most popular conditioners. I will be quite honest: I do not use LUSH hair care. I tried Daddyo because I liked the smell and colour of it, but it is for light-haired people and it was draining the colour from my dark hair so I ended up giving it to my sister. I also found it to be quite drying, so it kind of turned me off LUSH hair care. I told the sales assistant this today, and she hooked me up with THREE samples to try! I got Rehab, which smells kind of herbal to me, and is meant for damaged hair; Cynthia Sylvia Stout (say that five times fast!!) which smells like beer -- and has actual beer in it! This tongue-twister is meant to add shine and body to hair. I also got a chunk of one of their solid shampoos, called Trichomania. Smelling of coconut (YUM!) this solid shampoo is uber eco-friendly due to no packaging, and is meant to moisturize and condition dry hair. I can't wait to try them each out and see what I think. I am definitely intrigued with the idea of solid shampoos for their portability, eco-friendliness and affordability!
LUSH states that one of their solid shampoo bars will last 80-100 washes, saving around 3 bottles from going into landfills. These shampoo pucks are free of preservatives as well.
The hand-shaped thingy in the photograph is LUSH's solid lotion, adorably named tiny hands ($7.95/60g): made with a TON of soothing ingredients, this package-free lotion has argan oil, aloe vera, cocoa and shea butters for uber soft hands. In my opinion, it has a floral scent (apparently marigolds). I am not a fan of florals personally, but my mom asked me to pick this up for her. To use it, you just rub it between your hands and your body temperature softens it for use.
I also picked up a Valentine's Day gift set! The gorgeous PS I Love You gift set ($34.95) comes with 2 ml of Love perfume, A Million Kisses lip tint (10 g), Love Potion massage bar (95 g), Sweetheart soap (60 g) and a small sized Ro's Argan Body Conditioner (45 g).
A Million Kisses lip tint, Love perfume (2 ml), Ro's Argan Body Conditioner
I immediately unloaded the Sweetheart soap on a LUSHie friend of mine, because as I mentioned in my last post, I am NOT a fan of the scent. It is supposed to smell of jasmine and vanilla, but it honestly reminds me of one of the products I use to clean my bathroom, which is not a good thing! If you are a fan of florals, you might enjoy this soap.
I tried the Love perfume (available for sale online only!) which has citrus, rose and jasmine oils. LUSH suggests that the main notes are lemon, lemongrass, bergamot, apple, cinnamon, jasmine, rose and ylang ylang. When I tried it out on my skin, it smelled earthy and fruity. Not exactly my personal favourite in scents, but I am not a huge fan of many of LUSH cosmetics perfumes. This is a perfume I most likely won't wear too often.
The Love Potion massage bar is scented of Love perfume, but because it isn't mixed with my body chemistry it smells different than the perfume to me. It smells much more fruity and bright, with a sweet citrus undertone. This luxurious massage bar is filled with oils such as carnation, ylang ylang, apple blossom and jasmine. For those of you who haven't heard of or tried a massage bar before, they're a unique LUSH offering. They are solid bars of moisturizing butters and essential oils that melt at body temperature. If you leave one by a heat source, it'll melt and make a mess so be careful with your storage choice! They are preservative free, and can be used as a solid moisturizer just like tiny hands. LUSH offers a variety of massage bars for things like sore muscles, stretch marks or sensual love time ;) I will state that these things last FOREVER so they are worth the money. LUSH even offers edible massage bars that you can lick right off your skin if you so please!
There were three reasons I wanted to buy this gift set: firstly, the box itself is adorable and I wanted to keep it for storage; secondly, I really wanted to try Ro's Argan body conditioner, and thirdly, I wanted to try the Million Kisses lip tint and it is not yet available for sale outside of this gift set due to sourcing issues with the ingredients used. I talked to the sales associate regarding Ro's, which is a fairly pricey investment at $29.95 (225 g); this product is obviously rose scented, and I have noted that I dislike floral scents. This is an exception: Ro's truly smells like candied roses. It is very sweet smelling, and due to this I adore it! This product is meant to be used as a shower lotion- made with cocoa butter, cupuacu butter, almond oil and argan oil, you are supposed to use this in the shower as a conditioner for your body, much like you would condition your hair. In other words, you rub it all over your freshly cleaned body and rinse it off before exiting the shower. However, if I am paying such a high price for such a lovely scented product, I don't want to wash it off!! I asked the sales associate if I could just use it as a moisturizer for my body, much like any other cream. She smiled and said she had been doing this with great results! So today, after my shower, I used Ro's as a moisturizer and it worked great! And I smell great too :) If you decide to invest in this product, try using it outside of the shower to really ensure the scent lingers.
Finally, A Million Kisses lip tint (not yet for sale individually in North America) is a bright red lip colour. The texture is creamy and rich, and the colour is extremely vibrant. I am modelling it for you in this photo so you can see the colour in the flesh. The main ingredient for this lip tint is organic rose hip oil, which is meant to moisturize and hydrate lips, making them ready for a million kisses and then some! I was surprised at how nice this colour looked on me, as I usually prefer more subtle lip colours. Expect a blog post regarding my favourite lip balms/glosses/tints coming soon!


  1. You are like a LUSH database of anything I would want to try from them! What a great haul! I've always been sketchy about shampoo bars because I feel like they wouldn't be as effective, but it is nice to know you're helping the environment! I should give one a try!

    1. I haven't tried one yet either. I am worried they'll be overly drying and in the winter, my scalp is already a bit too dry. I will try this sample and report back though :)

  2. Found your blog via your lush facebook post :) the liptint looks amazing on you. I bought it and I'm going to try it out more today to see how it fairs on my pale skin in daylight, has it been drying for you at all? And do you suggest a lip liner to keep the tint in place? Sorry for all the questions :)

    1. Hi Hanna! Thanks for checking out my blog :D
      I find the texture to be similar to other LUSH lip tints- very moisturizing and not drying really. Because of that, it could get messy! I did a test to see if it'd come off easily on my teeth and luckily it didn't! haha. I would definitely say it couldn't hurt to use a lip liner if you have a similar colour, but it isn't necessary as I have been using it without a liner with no issues.


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