Monday 6 February 2012

The Body Shop Tea Tree Line

As a teenager, I shopped at the Body Shop. As I grew up and started university, I stopped shopping there. I was more interested in high end brands for lotions/skincare etc. I thought the Body Shop just seemed.. cheap. After Christmas '11 I stopped in one day because they were having a large sale. 
For the past year, I have been suffering from acne on my chin area. It is really frustrating because I have tried prescription medications, every LUSH related skin cleanser, department store and drug store brands of products and nothing has been able to help it. I have done research and I think it is hormonal, so my options are  limited unless I can find some herbal supplements or prescription drugs to regulate my hormones, and I don't even know which hormones are acting up, although research has pointed toward androgens. 
Anyway- I've gone off on a tangent! I noticed that the Body Shop had an entire skin care line geared toward acne prone skin, and I bought their little tester kit on sale for ten dollars off. It came with the tea tree cleanser, tea tree oil, tea tree moisturizer and tea tree toner. I have been using this line of products for the past month and a bit, and I have been VERY pleased with the results. I haven't used the moisturizer because I am using LUSH moisturizers right now. But everything else is AH-MAZ-ING! They are having a wicked sale right now, buy 3 get 2 free, so I made a little online order last week. Today, it arrived.

I got: tea tree skin clearing facial wash ($11.00/250 ml), tea tree cleansing wipes ($12.00 for 25) and three vials of tea tree oil ($9.00/10ml). This means I got 2 vials of tea tree oil free :D
Ta-da! My well packaged Body Shop order!
The tea tree oil is what has impressed me the most. I have tried topical prescription treatments, salicylic  acid, benzyl peroxide -- you name it! for over night treatments. This stuff works way better, and is way less irritating. It has diminished my inflammation wonderfully. It smells quite strong, but if you can get past that-- and trust me, you should-- it's so worth it. I will note that it is quite drying, as are most acne treatments. However, it is natural and it is fairly cheap! How I use it is: before bed, I dab it into my finger, and then slather it all over my chin. It just absorbs right in.

I also got another bottle of the cleansing facial wash because the one I got from my sample set is small. They offer a foaming cleanser too, but I find this one to last longer and therefore it is more economical. I got the cleansing wipes as a luxury-- at $12.00 for only 25, they are a bit pricey, but they are great for travelling or for a post-workout wash at the gym. The cleansing facial wash is fairly gentle on my skin and does a great job of washing off my make up. It is non-irritating. I follow up with the tea tree toner by LUSH afterwards to remove any excess cleanser.
The Body Shop has a whole line of tea tree offerings that you can check out-- if you have acne prone skin like me, it will be your life saver. Like I said, I've tried it all, and nothing has worked. I am using these products and while I am still getting acne, it is improving my skin.


  1. Oh my gosh! I'm having the exact same issue with acne around my chin area and I just picked up the Tea Tree Toner but was afraid to try everything else because I wasn't sure if it would all work. Thank you for the great review! I might have to go out and take advantage of that sale again.

    1. Hormonal acne sucks! I have done some research and I intend on trying some androgen balancing supplements soon. So far, the things my research has suggested are:
      -Diidolylmethane supplements- natural extracts from broccoli and cauliflower helps reduce androgens (120mg daily).
      -Spearmint Tea- 2 cups of spearmint tea causes your androgen levels to drop drastically in a week
      -Black Cohosh- 20-40 mg twice a day
      -Saw palmetto- 160mg twice a day
      -Chaste Tree- 20-40mg daily

      Def try the cleanser and the tea tree oil! And go into a health food store to get their opinions on the above, as I will be doing as well! Acne SUCKS, especially as a 24 year old! Grrr.

  2. I have read quite a few good reviews about tea tree toner and am interested to try. Thanks for the review. Will have to check them out!

  3. Yah another Canadian beauty. Great blog hun. I am a new follower.

    My Blog:

    1. Thank you for following me :) I will follow yours as well!

  4. Had to go find your review after your commment on my haul :) I haven't tried the oil yet so I will definitely have too :) I actually don't mind the smell of tea tree though I know some people hate it!

    1. I am very used to the smell now, but my boyfriend HATES it. I don't mind it as much anymore but I do find the oil lingers in scent a lot.

  5. This is good to know I was debating on this or the seaweed and ended up getting the seaweed because I feared the tea tree would be too drying. I think my breakouts are hormonal as well so I might give this a go if the seaweed cleanser doesn't work out for me.


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