Tuesday 21 February 2012

LUSH 30 DAY CHALLENGE in one day: part two

Lush Cosmetics 30 Day Challenge created by LushiesUnite

16. Favorite Gorilla perfume that you’ve tried? I am not a huge fan of LUSH scents. I own a full-sized Twilight that I am not really using. I like the newest scent, 25:43 and vanillary is nice, too.

17. What areas of the products available that you haven’t dived into at all? (Example – you haven’t tried any of the skincare, etc.) What’s holding you back? I haven't tried their colour supplement makeup because it doesn't interest me. I also don't use their hair care, nor their foot care.

18. Lush is extremely notorious for being a very ethical company in terms of their sourcing and campaigning, as well as all the green initiatives they take for packaging. The fact that all products are 100% vegetarian and 80% are vegan, plus all solid products don’t have a preservative attracts many as well. Are Lush’s ethics a reason why you use Lush products? YES! I love LUSH for their ethical stances. It is amazing and it is a huge reason I support their company.

19. What’s your go-to bath cocktail? I don't do baths ;)

20. Do you typically get your products in-store or through mail-order? Which do you prefer, and why? Both! I like in-store because I don't have to pay $8 for shipping. Online is nice though, as you can get web-exclusive products. My nearest LUSH is a 40 minute drive away so sometimes I will just pay the $8 shipping cost out of convenience.

21. Favorite limited edition holiday product? (Can be from any Lush holiday line!) Oooh tough one. I would have to say Snow Fairy but I honestly love ALL Christmas limited edition products. Who am I kidding? I love all holiday limited edition products!! (Halloween, Easter, etc)

22. If someone was to buy you a wrapped gift tomorrow, which one would you want? Get creative (– which one OTHER than Lush Legends, or any of the awesomely big holiday gifts would you want?) My Fair Lady, without a doubt.

23. Do you use any of the knot-wraps? Which design has been your favorite? I don't have one but I like the idea of them.

24. Congratulations! You’ve won a trip to visit the factory, and part of your prize includes you getting to create and design your own personal product with your favorite compounder! What would your product be? (Type, scent, purpose, etc.) Who do you choose to make your product with? Waah I am not creative enough for this question. I would probably make twilight scented lotion, comforter scented shower gel, that type of thing.

25. Are you a soap fanatic or a shower gel junkie? If you could use only three soaps or shower gels for the rest of your life, which would you pick? (Because what avid Lushie could only pick one?) Oh my gosh I am a SOAP and SHOWERGEL junkie!! I love both. If I had to pick three, it'd be snow fairy, snow cake and sultana of soap. But that was really hard to do. I love a ton of LUSH soaps.

26. What’s your must-have body lotion/moisturizer/body butter/smoothie/etc? Lemony-flutter, dream cream and ultra balm.

27. Have you attended any of the forum or chat parties? If so, which (if any) limited edition products did you order? I have attended chat parties in NA. I never win anything- I don't know how people are so fast at typing the answers!

28. Do you use the Henna hair dye? If so, what enticed you to try it? If not, would you ever consider it? I wouldn't consider it. It sounds messy and I am too klutzy to dye my own hair.

29. What’s your go-to exfoliant – body or face? Face- ocean salt! So worth the price. Body- I love rub rub rub! But also sandstone, porridge, I should coco soap.

30. Uh-oh. The world pretty much ended and you’re all alone on a deserted island and you don’t have your Lush stash (if the world hadn’t ended yet, it has now!). You get to have a unlimited supply of ONE (that is a very clear rule: one) Lush product for the rest of your lonely life on this island. You do have access to a shower/bath/whatever you need to use the product. What ONE product do you choose to be the only product you ever use again during the rest of your miserable, lonely life? OCEAN SALT!

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