Tuesday 21 February 2012

LUSH 30 DAY CHALLENGE in one day :)

 Lush Cosmetics 30 Day Challenge created by LushiesUnite:

  1. 1. How did you find/get introduced to Lush products? How long ago was that? What was the first product you ever used?
  2. My sisters have been using LUSH for years. I received a 100ml bottle of snow fairy for Christmas 2 years ago, and that was the first LUSH product I ever used. Shamefully, I didn't even use it for well over a year after I received it because I was turned off by the glitter in it. Now I know that the glitter all sinks to the bottom of the shower gel and doesn't really stick to the skin at all. I had been in a LUSH shop with my mom/sisters probably 5+ years ago, but I thought the prices were ridiculous so I didn't purchase anything. 

  3. 2. Top 3 favorite bath products? (Bath bombs, bubble bars, bath melts)
  4. I do not take baths. I like to buy bubble bars and use them in my shower puff to wash with. I also have a twilight bath bomb that I keep in my sock/underwear drawer to keep them smelling amazing. My favourites would be: twilight (for the amazing smell), creamy candy bb/candy mountain bb (same thing: amazing smell) and the magic wand! for its prettiness/fun/scent. 

  5. 3. What’s one product that you REALLY want to try but just haven’t gotten around to yet?
  6. Hmm that's a hard one. I basically try everything. I guess I want to get into the haircare since it is the only area I haven't really bought into yet. I love the idea of their solid shampoo bars. 

  7. 4. Do you use Lush skincare? What are your favorite products for your skin, and why do you love them so much?
YES! I have a ton of LUSH skincare. I've tried basically all of their cleansers and none worked for me. I use their tea tree toner on a daily basis. I use their moisturizers currently (imperialis, enzymion and vanishing cream) but they're not my favourite and I am contemplating switching brands when they're all used up. I also don't like that they do not have SPF in them. I use honey trap lip tint every day on my lips to keep them soft- best lip balm ever in my opinion. 

  1. 5. Aren’t the massage bars AMAZING?! Which is your favorite?
  2. I am not a huge massage bar fan. I own their love potion bar and their therapy massage bar. Therapy smells gross to me so I double wrapped it in a bag and its just laying around. Love potion isn't my favourite scent but it is relaxing to use as a body moisturizer before bed.

  3. 6. Do you have a discontinued or Retro product that you miss more than anything?! (Not holiday!)
  4. The only retro product that I really adore/have owned is Smitten because I love the snowcake scent. I also own Narcotic shower gel, iced wine shower jellie and some I should coco soap which were retro/disconned. 

  1. 7. If you could give your best friend(s) just one Lush product, which would you pick for them?
  2. I would give them snow fairy shower gel because that is what hooked me! Or maybe the coconut deodorant powder because it is a versatile product that smells amazing!

  3. 8. Lush blogs do you check frequently? Do other Lush blogger’s opinions on products effect your decision making when choosing what you get for yourself?
  4. I am on some LUSH private groups on facebook, the LUSH facebook page (NA and UK) and the NA forum. I also check the LUSH tag on tumblr but I am not a tumblr user. I blog about LUSH on my own blog and follow many beauty bloggers who sometimes review LUSH. I definitely place value on other LUSHies opinions of new products. 

  5. 9. Where/how do you store your Lush “stash”?
  6. EVERY WHERE! I have some in my bathroom (shower gels, cleansers/toners, soap), some in my bed side table (soap), sock drawer (bubble bars/bath bombs), mini fridge (cleansers and solid deodorant stash), vanity table (lip tints, moisturizers, hand/body creams, perfumes) and beauty storage area (deodorants, shower products, body products, lip products etc etc). 

  7. 10. What haircare products do you love? Do you use Lush haircare in your daily routine?
  8. I don't really use LUSH hair care. I've sampled some but I am turned off by their ridiculously high prices.

  9. 11. If you’ve had a terrible day, what Lush product do you use for a pick-me-up?
  10. I love exfoliating products to scrub away the negativity! Rub rub rub, I should coco, sandstone, ocean salt, porridge. 

  11. 12. What issue of the Lush Times has been your favorite so far? Do you keep all of your old issues?
  12. I don't keep old issues. I recycle them. I am not a pack rat at all, except when it comes to LUSH hoarding ;)

  13. 13. Do you use hair masks, foot treatment products or face masks regularly? What’s your ultimate at-home Lush spa night?
  14. I have never used a LUSH hair mask or foot treatment. I use lemony flutter on my feet to soften them. I like the face masks- I've tried cupcake, cosmetic warrior and catastrophe cosmetic (my favourite!)

  15. 14. Do you use the designated Lush tins to store any of your products? (Massage bars, solid shampoos, body butters, etc.)
  16. I think the tins suck to be honest. I have one solid shampoo tin that my mom gave me. I keep my jungle (which I use as a shave bar) in there. They are poorly designed as they are very hard to get open, especially if you have wet or recently moisturized hands!!

  17. 15. What’s your must-have-on-hand-at-all-times product that you might die without? (Okay, dramatic, but not really for Lushies ;D)
  18. Hmmm probably honey trap. But I love a lot of LUSH products. When it comes to showering, I couldn't enjoy myself without at least one LUSH soap and shower gel on hand. 

I will post the next 15 questions in the next post :)


  1. Awesome post! Your stash isn't meagre! It just means you're using your products to make room for more! ;) I never thought of using bubble bars in the shower like the shower jellies. Great idea! I used to take baths, but they are too much effort and a waste of water.

    1. yes I try not to hoard LUSH like a lot of other LUSHies since I don't want it to go off. There are expiry dates for a reason! But sometimes I get seriously envious of other peoples huge stashes :(
      Try using a bubble bar in the shower! I love it and the scent lingers amazingly. Also, one bubble bar could last you 10 showers since you only need a bit per shower to get tons of bubbles!

  2. Wow great stash!! Really jealous :) Also, the idea to use bubble bars in the shower is genius!

    1. thanks! I have nothing compared to many people I've seen! haha. I love using bubble bar in my shower puff, it is amazing!

  3. your lush stash looks amazing!! i really need to make a trip to lush again to stock up on a few essentials! i absolutely love using the hair products by lush (:


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