Wednesday 1 February 2012

REVIEW: LUSH Narcotic Shower Gel/ I Should Coco Soap

A while back, I posted about my LUSH package that arrived from the UK. I thought I would do a quick and honest review of the two Retro/Limited Edition items I received: 
LUSH I Should Coco Soap

I Should Coco soap is a creamy soap that is evidently loaded with shredded coconut. The smell is sweet and in my opinion, not overly coconutty. It has a very natural coconut smell, similar to coconut flesh. I have used it in the shower, and my findings are:
1. It has a TON of shredded coconut in it. Literally, 50% of this soap is shredded coconut. This is good for exfoliating but it doesn't lather incredibly.
2. This soap melts quickly. It will not last very long and you may be left with just the shredded coconut to wash with!
3. The smell really does linger on the skin, which is lovely.

Overall: as a coconut lover and addict, this soap is nice, but doesn't smell anywhere near as good as the coconut deodorant by LUSH. I bought three bars and I will have no trouble using them all up but I would not re-purchase this soap as there are other LUSH soaps with better lather, and better scent.
LUSH Narcotik Shower Gel

Narcotic shower gel is meant for people with body acne. The smell is very herbal, not exactly pleasant but not horrible, either. I used this in the shower and I was shocked at how thin and watery the gel is. It doesn't lather, and the blue dye was incredibly dark to the point that I feared it would stain my skin if I didn't wash it off. It did leave my skin feeling extremely clean, however.
Overall: I wouldn't re-purchase. I prefer other shower gels by LUSH. I have used this consistently and not noticed any improvement in body acne. My personal secret weapon against bacne is LUSH's rub rub rub shower scrub!

The LUSH UK online is having a forum party on Feb 8th, and they should soon be announcing what they're selling! For those of you who do not know what a forum party is, it is a time when LUSH releases limited edition items for sale. They are usually highly sought after. I will definitely be placing an order for the forum party, assuming they release things that interest me!

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  1. Turning blue would freak me out too...the coconut soap looks good though! I am now imagining this coconut-covered blue Avatar creature emerging from the shower...

    1. yes I am not a fan of the shower gel. I have been using the soap and it is growing on me!


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