Sunday 19 February 2012

smelling good is nice, right? -- perfume post

I'm sure you may have heard this fun fact before: SCENT is the strongest sense tied to memory. This fits into our lives in many ways. You might smell something that you hadn't experienced since childhood, taking you back to a long-forgotten occasion. Perhaps the smell of an ex-boyfriends cologne is a no-go for future boyfriends. You know what your grandma smells like, what your mom smells like and what your boss at work smells like! 
Anyway, I did have a point to this: perfume! If you wear the same perfume on a daily basis it is likely that many close friends and family will associate you with that scent, most likely unconsciously. If the scent is more robust, it might be consciously ;) Subtly is key in pulling off perfume in my opinion. Less is usually more. You also have to be thoughtful of others who may have sensitivities to strong scents, so a spritz (maybe two) on your wrists, dabbed onto your neck, should leave you good to go! 
I have a few perfumes; I am by no means a collector! I wear Candy by Prada on the daily. You can buy this fragrance from your local Shoppers Drugmart, department store (i.e. the Bay) or Sephora. It comes in  a few sizes. It is officially described as smelling like: "an elegant mix of musks in the top, a sensual balsamic vanillic accord of benzoin in the heart and sweet modern caramel in the base of the fragrance."
Candy by Prada
I find the scent to be very sweet and musky in an amazing way. This perfume is very subtle. It is not one where people will smell you coming in. However, it lasts all day on me and changes throughout the day to be less sweet and more musky. I am absolutely in love with this fragrance. As it is not overly dramatic, I would suggest this as an every-day perfume. For something with a bit more flair, I have BCBGirls Sexy perfume by Max Azria (50ml). I was surprised this scent (released in 2001) was still for sale online! As you can see in my photo, it is well used. I have had it for a very long while. It is officially described as smelling like: "spicy mandarin, red berry, bigarade, jasmine, clove, lily of the valley, rose, amber, incense, vanilla, tonka bean, sandalwood, musk."

That is a LOT of scents to go into one fragrance! Once again, it has musk and vanilla, which must be two of my favourite ingredients in perfume! To me, this perfume has a spicier note to it- I still smell the musk and the vanilla, but with a spicy floral undertone. Sexy is a strong scent- one spritz goes a long way and therefore I consider this bold scent to be more of a night-time fragrance. Sometimes I will wear it during the day if I am feeling ~sexy~.

My third perfume is Pink Sugar by Aquolina (30ml). Similar to Prada's offering, it is described: "stylish and lively, Pink Sugar takes you on a journey through the pleasures and flavours of childhood with vanilla and caramel." I find this perfume to be very sweet; perhaps a touch too sweet because I rarely wear it. I like sweet perfumes, absolutely! But my other perfumes offer something beyond the sickly sweet smell, whereas this one does not. It is VERY vanilla-based. Many people say it smells like cotton candy when I wear it. I put this on every once in a while if I am in a mood to smell different. I wouldn't want to wear it in the summer time because I think the bugs/wasps/mosquitoes would go after me like mad ! 
LUSH Gorilla Perfumes
Last but not least, my LUSH perfumes. Did you know LUSH has an entire sub-section of fragrances under their "Gorilla Perfume" range? They offer very unique scents. I have LOVE in a 2ml sample vial and TWILIGHT in a 30ml spritzer.
LOVE has fresh apple, cinnamon, lemongrass, bergamot, cassia, jasmine, rose and ylang ylang. It is very spicy, and I am not a fan of hugely spicy scents. I wore this one day and it literally bothered me for the entirety of the day that I had it on. It is not my personal taste. 
TWILIGHT is meant to smell of LUSH's amazing bath bomb of the same name. I keep twilight bath bombs in my sock and underwear drawers to keep them smelling amazing. When this perfume went on sale I felt compelled to purchase it. Unfortunately, it was another miss for me. It is supposed to smell of lavender, malt and tonka. I personally get a lot of ylang ylang and a woodsy scent- almost sandalwood. It is too woodsy and masculine to me. My friends seem to like it, but once again- I wear it and all day I wonder why I am wearing it! I will hold onto this fragrance because I hope it will grow on me.

Tell me ladies, what is your every day scent? Do you have a night-time scent? 


  1. I also have the Prada Candy. I love the sweet smell and subtleness. I also have Benefit Maybe Baby. This is my second bottle and I rarely buy the same brand after a whole bottle is used up. Also, a very sweet but not over-powering scent. Others include Fresh Citron, Lychee.

    1. I will check out the Benefit Maybe Baby- if you like Candy I trust your judgement :)

  2. I just Prada Candy from my Shoppers Redemption day (post to follow!) and sigh, I got sick the day after I bought it so I haven't been able to smell it since, but I'm so happy I have it! I was able to get a 30mL for $66 and not the 50mL so I guess there is a smaller size?

    1. ooh hurray! I guess it is getting popular :) I didn't know they made a 30ml bottle too! I will edit my post, thanks :)

  3. i am DIEEEEINNGG to have prada candy in my arms.


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