Thursday 8 March 2012

LUSH Swap!

My exciting swap package!
 I belong to a lovely group on Facebook that is for LUSHies who like to talk about all things LUSH, as well as every other aspect of our lives. It is a North American swap group, although we do have a few friends in the UK. I participated in a swap with another lovely LUSHie who lives down South. Today, my swap package from Crystal arrived! I have sent hers and haven't got a word on if she's received it yet, but she completely spoiled me! We had agreed to swap one bar of soap for one bubble bar, plus a few extra samples. Crystal gave me TWO bubble bars and a chunk of soap! And I sent her one measly bar of soap as agreed upon, alongside 3 samples and 2 Canadian treats (did you know they don't have crispy crunch or fuzzy peaches in the USA?). I feel a tad guilty now. But I will definitely learn from this and be more generous in my next swap!
I received: 2 LUSH Candy Mountain bubble bars, 1 chunk LUSH Sweetheart soap, Unicorn Farts cream by Fortune Cookie Soaps, 3 LUSH soap samples: sexy peel, rockstar and 17 cherry tree lane, 4 almond joys!

I asked for Almond Joys because we don't have them in Canada and I loooove coconut. She hooked me up huge! I was also pleased to get a sample of 17 Cherry Tree Lane soap because it is a LUSH retro soap so I've never been able to smell it before. It is very floral and sweet, I think it smells like LUSH's rub rub rub shower scrub, yum!

Do any of you participate in swaps? I find the shipping for Canadians is quite pricey. Crystal shipped hers to me via air mail for $9.15. I shipped hers via ground mail for around $13.00. The price for air mail was quoted at almost $20.00! and I am positive that my package weighed less than hers since she sent me so many extras!


  1. This is such a fun idea! But Canadian shipping is expensive :(

    1. Yes Canada Post is so greedy! Getting a swap package is fun though, so it is worth the extra money on an occasional basis :)

  2. I love swaps they are great ways to receive some great stuff from other places! Although it can be pricey to ship stuff canada post is greedy ! I am actually in the middle of a package that i sent got lost or something well has not made it to the UK (i paid $35 to send it by air)i called them and well i have to wait 48 days b4 they will look into it! Crazy not impressed at all with Canada Post!

    1. yes Canada Post is so expensive compared to other countries postal services. I assume it is because Canada is so vast and so sparsely populated. It still sucks for us, though :(


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