Monday 12 March 2012

March '12 LUSH order

It is my birthday month. A girl has to treat herself, right? Well that is what I told myself when I placed a LUSH order last week. I decided to place an order online to get some LUSH retro products. As I've mentioned in the past, LUSH Retro are products that have been discontinued by LUSH but brought back for online purchase only. You cannot buy them in-store, and they could potentially disappear from production in the Retro range at any given time.
I got: 500 ml Coolaulin conditioner, 100 ml Slammer shower gel, 100 ml Freeze shower gel, Gentle Lentil solid shampoo, Trichomania solid shampoo, Waylander Rhassoul soap, Honey I Washed the Kids soap, Marzibain bubble bar and a sample of Dirty soap.
Trichomania and HIWTK are both non-Retro items. I had an issue with a previous LUSH order where they didn't end up packaging my order until well over a week of my placing an order. To compensate for this, I was given a credit for three free bath products! I redeemed those products in today's package: HIWTK, Waylander and Marzibain were all free :)
Trichomania ($10.95) is one of LUSH's solid shampoos. Solid shampoos are AWESOME for various reasons, a few include the fact that they're economical, and environment-friendly as they're packaging free. Smelling of coconuts, Trich moisturizes, and is suggested for frizzy or dry hair. It smells amazing. If you are new to solid shampoos, I cannot stress how important storage is! Do not leave your shampoo bar in the shower. If it is left in a puddle of water, it will dissolve. You need to dry off your shampoo bar after usage and place it on a shelf to dry. 
I also got a chunk of Gentle Lentil ($9.95) solid shampoo. I had heard rave reviews of this retro shampoo bar from other LUSHies. They're right, it smells AMAZING! Like sweet vanilla! Apparently lentils,which are packed with protein, improve hair strength, moisturize and add shine. I am excited to try this shampoo bar.
My Marzibain ($6.95) bubble bar was picked out for its delicious scent. I cannot get enough of LUSH's snowcake scent, and Marzibain has that scent. My readers will know I am not a bath-taker, but I do crumble bubble bars into my shower puff for a deliciously foamy, yummy smelling shower experience. 
The Coolaulin conditioner ($29.95) was purchased for my mom. It is packed full of coconut. She loves coconut smells, and this conditioner is made for curly and processed hair. She has majorly curly hair, and it is processed. Perfect match :)
Honey I Washed the Kids ($7.95) soap is a cult-classic. Everyone loves it. I am not a huge fan, but I got this as a little gift for someone. It smells slightly floral with a strong honey and toffee base. The scent seriously lingers on the skin. 
Waylander Rhassoul ($7.95) was a retro pick and a total gamble for me. I wanted to try something completely different. It smells purely herbal. This is a mud based soap, it contains pumice powder to exfoliate and rhassoul mud for a seriously deep cleansing experience. Goodbye body acne :)
I had to grab a couple of retro shower gels to try out. I got Freeze and Slammer. Slammer is another favourite amongst the LUSHie population- everyone seems to rave about it so I ordered a small 100ml bottle to test it out. It isn't what I was expecting. I am not overly impressed. It smells mildly sweet, and mildly citrusy, but nothing unique. LUSH says its packed with freshly squeezed lime juice, lime peel and lime oil, alongside seawater and honey to soften the skin. I will try it out, maybe it'll impress me in the shower. Freeze was purchased as a gift for someone who loves the Dirty shower gel. I wanted to try something similar but different for them, and Freeze smells exactly as I expected: minty yummy good! It is packed with peppermint oil, uplifting bergamot, soothing aloe and refreshing sea salt. It's a winner to me. 
LUSH always gives a sample or two in their mail order packages. I got a tiny sliver of Dirty soap to try out, which is nice because I actually haven't purchased the Dirty soap yet even though I do find the scent to be nice. 
There is nothing as exciting as hearing the doorbell ring and seeing the UPS man outside with my LUSH package! He must think I am insane though, with all the packages I receive! Oh well ;)


  1. I love Trichomania shampoo! Smells delicious :) Enjoy your new treats! :)

    1. Its so good, indeed! I can't get enough of coconut scents lol. Thanks I will definitely enjoy them all!

  2. Oooooh looks like a good haul!

  3. Qustion for you.. seeing as you love lush ! Have u ever ordered from lush uk? I have heard people saying its cheaper? I am not sure though when i worked it out is seemed the same with shipping? (have u used the big shampoo?

    1. I order from LUSH UK quite often! Check my posts- there are some LUSH UK hauls posted. It is cheaper- even with the pricey shipping! Especially for anything that comes in a bottle or pot- bubble bars/soap isn't that huge of a savings though. Remember that when you check out, the price will drop even more because the VAT (UK taxes) will be removed from the original price!

    2. Great thank u so much i have been debating ordering!! I Really wanna try the big shampoo & american cream conditioner !! Thank you so much for clarifying for me !


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