Monday 9 April 2012

LUSH Spring '12 Chat Party!

LUSH has announced the date of their Spring 2012 Chat Party!!

What is a chat party?
"An interactive, online discussion by keyboard, like an MSN Messenger chat but with more people. We’ll have a number of rooms online where us LUSHies can congregate and chat in real time. You’ll need to sign in so you have a name in the rooms and can see who else is at the party. Everyone sees what everyone else types in, although two people can break off and have their own private keyboard chat. LUSH chat parties are open to everyone!"

What's the deal?
On Thursday April 12th from 2:00 pm to 9:00 pm (PST) go to and follow the link to sign into the chat party. Limited edition items will be for sale online, plus there will be LUSHious trivia with chances to win LUSH stuff.

2pm - Chat rooms open.
3pm - LUSH staff arrive and start running contests, giving out prizes etc.
6pm - LUSH staff leaves but the chat rooms stay open.
9pm - Chat rooms close.

Items for sale on the day of the chat party*:
- Hot Java bath bomb - $5.95
- Absolute Delight bath bomb- $6.95
- Rainbow Warrior bath bomb- $6.25
- Silver Cloud bath bomb- $5.95
- Psychodelic bubble bar - $5.95
- Christmas Kisses bubble bar- $5.95
- Ruby Red Slippers bubble bar- $5.95
- Narcotik shower gel (250ml/8.8 fl. Oz) – $14.95
- Blue Skies shower gel (250ml/8.8 fl. Oz) – $14.95
- Something Wicked bath melt - $5.95

*while supplies last

New Retro products:
- Uluru bath bomb - $5.95
- Hot Milk? bubble bar - $5.95
- Party On shower jelly - $8.95
- Nutts massage bar - $7.95
- Canadian Maple Soap - $7.95

Purchased from LUSH UK in Dec 2011
Will you be logging on to the Chat Party? Are there any limited edition releases that you wish to purchase?
Personally I am not impressed with the limited edition chat party specials- a lot of them have already been previously released in the UK, and some of them were previously released just this past winter at the last Chat Party (Christmas Kisses, Ruby Red Slippers)! All of the 'new' retro items have been available in the UK  since February. I will not likely participate in this chat party. It is always very busy in the chat rooms and you have to be insanely speedy to win at the trivia. I never type fast enough to win a prize! However, if you have lightning speed at typing, you should take your chances!  You might win lots of free LUSH swag!

Check out starting April 10th for more details on how to set up your chat username for the party if interested.


  1. OMG i am jealous! i missed out on the UK lush forum party and can't wait for their next one. Have fun if you take part <3

    1. it is such a shame that you cannot take part in ours, since we are allowed to take part in yours! I wish they had more shower gels available- I don't like patchouli so blue skies is a no, and narcotik is really watery and not one of my favourites.

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun! My local Lush is having their anniversary party in a couple of weeks and will be selling the Lime Smoothie in stores, have you tried it?

    1. I have not- I am not a huge fan of shower smoothies, but if you like citrus apparently it is a good one! Definitely take the chance to smell it in person. They will have games where you can win free LUSH stuff too which is fun. At my stores last one I won a free bath bomb :)


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