Tuesday 3 April 2012

March Use-It-Up

It is the start of a new month! Hello April :) Did anyone get up to pranks for April Fools Day? I may have ;)
The start of a new month also means I get to throw away and/or recycle all my March empties!
Here is my March Use-It-Up:
The products I used up in March '12
The Body Shop Tea Tree Cleansing Wipes (25 wipes) & a vial of The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil (10 ml). The cleansing wipes are amazing for on-the-go. If I slept over at my boyfriends, I took them with me. That way I don't have to worry about packing a face cloth. I also think they're great for after a workout. These wipes are meant for acne-prone skin- they're infused with tea tree oil which minimizes breakouts, tones and unclogs pores. I think this product is great, albeit a little expensive at $12.00 for 25 wipes. I would repurchase again, but I am not loyal to this brand of wipes- I have and will try any decent brand that is on sale for a better price.
The tea tree oil is an amazing spot treatment that I use on my face and anywhere else I might break out to combat acne (including my back). It is not irritating, it diminishes inflammation, and it truly does heal acne! It is natural and well-priced, which I love. I have already repurchased three vials of this lovely oil! It has other uses too- google it :)

Maybelline LASH Stiletto mascara in black was a drugstore purchase. I usually buy whatever mascara is on sale at the time that I need it. This was no different. However, this mascara really worked well for me- I like the volume and length this product gave, and I like the packaging and wand. I would absolutely repurchase this if it were on sale again, however I have plenty of other mascaras to use up currently so I will not be needing to buy this again in the near future.

Imperialis Facial Moisturizer (45g) by LUSH - this was the first facial moisturizer I ever purchased from LUSH. I got it in May or June of last year and I just finished it now! It is suggested for people with combination skin. It has lavender infusion to balance skins sebum production, tiger lily to tone, St. John's wort to soothe blemishes, as well as olive oil, shea butter and cocoa butter to moisturize. It is a great moisturizer for the winter months as I do find it a bit heavy for the summer. I might repurchase this- I am trying to use up my LUSH moisturizers and switch back to oil-free brands to see if it helps my skin clear up. 

Lastly, I have a little Aerie Botanicals body lotion (57 g) in coconut and vanilla bean. I love coconut and vanilla scents, but this lotion was VERY heavily scented. It was over-powering to the point that it gave me headaches. I just decided to toss it this month, so it isn't technically an empty. I would not repurchase.

Out with the old, in with the new! I went out and grabbed some Biore pore strips today, and a new package of cleansing facial wipes that were on sale for around $6.50 for 25! Half the price of the Body Shop ones :) I haven't heard of this brand, but the cleansing wipes were made in the UK so I decided to get them over the  Garnier cleansing wipes (which were also on sale for the same price). Garnier produces their facial wipes in the USA, and I try not to buy cosmetics made in the USA* because their laws are extremely lax when it comes to what chemicals etc. can be used in beauty products. The UK has decent standards, so the unknown brand won out! Hope I like them :)


*not all American made beauty products are laden with bad chemicals. There are many great brands that are focused on using safe ingredients- you should read up on any brand/product prior to purchasing to make smart choices in regard to what you put on your skin. Skin irritants, chemicals, bad preservatives etc. are commonly put in many beauty products, and we are essentially irritating or poisoning our skin if we choose the wrong brands. 


  1. Cleansing wipes are so great for on the go. The Simple cleansing wipes were in our Topboxes (as I'm sure you've seen) and they're pretty good too. I know what you mean about not having loyalty to a certain brand though...they all seem to do the same thing maybe with a different scent, but they are expensive if they're not on sale...

    1. Yes I feel like cleansing wipes are a luxury due to their high price. I will only buy them on sale now that I am addicted to them! They're so convenient!

  2. Great post! I love tea tree oil, so many uses! :)

    1. Yes! I don't even mind the smell of it anymore. It does take a while to get used to, though!


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