Saturday 29 September 2012

LUSH Christmas is here! North America and UK!

Who else is a sucker for holiday collections? I wait all year long for LUSH Christmas! I am beyond pleased to tell you that LUSH Canada/USA launched part of their Christmas line recently. The UK is always a step ahead and their Christmas collection has been available for about a week now.

There are returning favourites like Snow Fairy shower gel, Snow Cake soap and Buche de Noel facial cleanser, as well as some new inventions such as Let The Good Times roll (a corn based cleanser!), Sandy Santa, a fun body scrub, and North Pole soap which smells like chocolate and peppermint (yummy!). There are also some old loves available this year, such as the much coveted Twilight shower gel.

North Pole soap
Buche de Noel facial cleanser

Twilight shower gel

Snowcake soap

LUSH NA will be announcing their Halloween collection soon, but you can check some of the Halloween items out on the UK site.

What holiday collections are you most looking forward to?


  1. I donno... I don't normally like holiday products... They last way longer than the holiday period and it just feels weird and wrong and old and like I should have gotten it way cheaper when the holidays are done with.

  2. Ooh exciting!! I love Lush's holiday collections :)

  3. I loveeee holiday scented products!

  4. So exciting! Gosh I keep telling myself I need to try some LUSH products! The nearest store is a bit of a drive...some day I will try them!! :D

  5. eeek!im going shopping tomorrow will definitely be having a look in lush now I know these are out x

  6. Looking forward Snow Cake. BUT what I'm most looking forward to is Boxing Day, then my room begins to smell like the actual store. Ahaha...can't wait.


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