Tuesday 16 October 2012

REVIEW: LUSH Halloween! Calacas Shower Jelly & Twilight Shower Gel!

Halloween is slowly creeping up on us! It is a mere half month away, and you can now purchase LUSH Halloween items in store as well as online.
I have now tried two of LUSH's new Halloween items for the first time and I must confess that they're both MORE than I was hoping for.

CALACAS SHOWER JELLY: This item is already sold out on the LUSH.ca website but you should be able to get your hands on some in-store. Always reasonably priced, Calacas is only $4.95/100g. Unlike the permanent line shower jellies (Sweetie Pie is my fave!), Calacas is molded to resemble a skeleton head! The scent is literally good enough to eat. I am not lying when I say I was so close to taking a bite of this thing, it smelled like pure candy!! Calacas is scented like lime jelly beans, om nom nom! I used some in my shower puff as I do with Sweetie Pie and I found that it did not lather quite as well as Sweetie Pie does, but the scent is so delicious that I couldn't even be bothered by that. You need this. Trust me!

TWILIGHT SHOWER GEL: this Halloween limited edition shower gel will be sticking around for Christmas as well, leaving you plenty of time to stock up. If you are a fan of the gorgeous Twilight bath bomb, you will love this shower gel! It smells of lavender and tonka, and the deep purple hue makes for a gorgeous shower experience. Just like snow fairy, twilight is laced with pretty little glitters that will settle at the bottom of your bottle. These glitters are unlikely to stick to you or cause any issues; they are there for visual effect. You can use this precious shower gel as a shampoo, and I highly recommend it to get the most out of the scent- it'll seriously linger in your hair for a day or two! 

Both of these products get a BIG A+ from me! Have you gotten your hands on any LUSH Halloween items? Tell me your thoughts!!


note: these products were provided for my honest review. 


  1. I'm really wanting to try the Twilight shower gel, great tip to use it as a shampoo! :)

  2. I want Calacas!! Too bad it is sold out online already and I'm nowhere near a Lush store. I haven't got any Halloween items but ordered some Christmas items :)

  3. You are an excellent Lush ambassador - higher-ups at Lush, take note! Both of these look super fun - I haven't been to Lush in a long time...need to get my behind to Eaton Centre or Queen St!

  4. Ooh awesome! Calacas look creepy!! haha

  5. Alright, gotta go to Lush I have a $100 gift card. Hmmmmm, whatever shall I buy? ;-)

  6. Oh my goodness that stuff looks so coo! It looks like slime!
    These Lush products sound so good, I don't really like lime anything,
    except for real lime, but I would still give this a try

  7. I just got around to using my Twilight bathbomb and loved the scent, totally checking out the shower gel!

  8. Well, I want to try this out :)
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