Tuesday 16 October 2012

September Use-It-Up!

I am late to the party with this post, but I have my empties for September! I didn't use as many products as usual this month, so it is a tiny one:

Products I used up in September '12
Heavenly Bodies butter cream: The black LUSH pot contained Heavenly Bodies butter cream, a LUSH retro product that was released for a limited time only. It smelled of chocolate orange. It wasn't my favourite LUSH product. It doesn't lather (SLS free) and I like my lathering agents. The scent didn't linger either. I wouldn't be able to re-purchase even if I wanted to as it is no longer for sale, but I won't lose any sleep over that.

Cake Citrus Squeeze brown sugar body scrub: This scrub meant business! The granules were huge and abrasive, and the scent was delicious. I loved using this scrub on my feet to combat calluses! Cake is a favourite brand of mine and I would definitely repurchase another one of their body scrubs, although this particular scrub was too harsh for most body parts on me. I used it on my feet and back only.

Nexxus Shampoo: this little sample came from a past Topbox. The smell was nice! I enjoyed it, but I wouldn't go out and repurchase unless it was on sale.

Marcelle Lash Xtension mascara: my new FAVOURITE mascara! This stuff rocks! It beats out all my pricier branded benefit mascaras by a long shot. I will absolutely repurchase! Thanks Marcelle for this hidden gem :)



  1. I have not tried this mascara yet.. but if you say that it works well.. then I must try it out next time I need to buy a mascara... which will be quite awhile from now..


  2. great empties :) The Cake scrub sounds lovely! I'm using a scrub from Soap and Glory now and I love it :)

  3. I have tried this mascara and it did nothing for me!
    Nexxus I have many bottles of this stuff, I got it free some time ago, and I 100% agree, nothing amazing just alright


  4. Awesome empties! I need to try out a body scrub...omg I keep hearing awesome things about Nexxus...I wish it wasn't so pricey! lol

  5. I have just started using the cake scrub and man, I didn't expect it to be so rough! It's great though, the scent and how moisturizing it is, but the first time I used it on my whole body and some parts were actually burning because the scrub was just a little too rough for me. Like you, I just use it on my back, legs and feet.

    Going through the cake scrub is like 10 empties though so still, good job!!

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