Tuesday 24 January 2012

LUSH UK package arrived!

This morning I awoke to the sound of my doorbell ringing. I ran to the front door and saw the postman outside, which I knew meant my LUSH UK order had arrived! I placed an order for standard delivery from the UK last Wednesday and it arrived 4 business days later! How awesome is that? 

You might be wondering why I would order LUSH all the way from the UK when we have our own LUSH cosmetics in North America. There were a few reasons I did this: 
1. LUSH UK has much cheaper prices than LUSH NA on most products. This factors in after the conversion of pounds to dollars. For example, this package cost me $52 and some change after shipping. To get the exact same package from LUSH NA would have cost me $74.83 after shipping. The savings vary, and some things are much cheaper to buy in the the UK, namely anything that comes in a black pot or shower gel bottle. Soaps/ballistics/bubble bars have less of a savings.

2. LUSH UK still had a great variety of sale items available for purchase, where LUSH NA had barely anything on sale that interested me. LUSH NA is still having a sale as we speak, feel free to check it out. It is BOGO. LUSH UK didn't do a BOGO sale, they just did 50% off everything seasonal and seasonal retro, which I preferred. 

3. LUSH UK had released their seasonal Valentines Day products long before LUSH NA and I wanted to get in on that action! However, LUSH NA did just release their V-day products yesterday, available here
 I got: 2x 100ml Narcotic shower gel, 2x magic mushroom bubble bar, 2x three gold ring bubble bar, 3x I should coco soap, 2x sweetheart soap, 1x celebrate lip tint
I should coco soap -- retro item
The I should coco soap is no longer available for sale on the UK site, it was a limited edition release of a retro soap. "Retro" is LUSH cosmetics way of bringing back older and discontinued products. These retro items are only available for purchase online, not in store. This coconut soap is extremely mild in scent. I would say that it doesn't smell very coconutty at all, which made me sad because I adore coconut scents. I will have to try it in the shower and report back, because I have heard other LUSHies rave about this soap. I paid only £1.78 per 100g block for these at 50% off. 

Narcotic shower gel, 100ml -- retro item
Narcotic shower gel is a retro item that is deep blue in colour. It smells like tea tree, very medicinal and herbal. It is not my favourite scent, but tea tree works wonders for acne, and this shower gel is made to combat body acne! And although I would love to pretend I am unaffected by body acne, I sweat a lot at the gym and it definitely affects my back in a negative way :( So I decided to try this. I got two 100ml bottles, one for me and one for my friend. They were insanely cheap by LUSH standards at a mere £1.78 each. I will report back on how well it actually works !

Sweetheart Soap -- 2012 Limited Edition Valentines Day soap
I bought two 100 g chunks of Sweetheart soap (£2.50 each, or $6.95 each from LUSH NA) as gifts for special loved ones on V-day. I had never smelled this soap prior to ordering, as it just came out. The online description stated that Sweetheart soap is supposed to smell sensual, with a blend of jasmine, mandarin and vanilla. The online write-up sounded good enough to me, so I ordered two. I have to be honest: I am majorly disappointed with the scent of this soap! To me, it smells like bathroom cleaner! I don't get ANY vanilla from it at all, although there's a chance it'll smell better when wet and in use? I got these for gifts and I hope the people who receive them will find them more pleasing in scent. I have stashed these away until the time to give them up comes, because I don't want my room smelling of them!! 

Celebrate lip tint - Christmas 2011 Limited Edition
I purchased a tin of Celebrate lip tint for myself back in November of last year. I love it and I get tons of compliments when I wear it! I plan on doing a lip tint post soon, and you'll hear more about it then. This tin was on sale for half off so I grabbed it as a gift for someone special <3 It smells of LUSH's snowshowers scent, which is meant to smell of champagne. It has sweet orange, lime and cognac oils. As it was on sale, it cost me a mere £1.98 ! I paid $8.95 +tax for it at full price in November 2011. 

The magic mushroom bubble bar is a fan favourite from last years limited edition V-day releases. I am not a bath-taker, just a shower girl, so these are gifts for others. However, if you ever feel like trying a LUSH bubble bar and do not want to take a bath, you can enjoy it in the shower too! Just break off a small piece of the bubble bar and smoosh it into your shower puff! It'll lather up tons of amazing smelling bubbles and you can wash up with it. I do this from time to time. One bubble bar could last you 10 showers, I'd say! The magic mushroom is so cute. It smells of strawberries and vanilla, making it a winner in my heart. These are on sale in the UK for £2.45 each, or $5.95 if you buy it from LUSH NA. 

Three gold rings bubble bar - Christmas 2011 Limited Edition
The final gift I purchased were 2 Christmas limited edition bubble bars, three gold rings. Very pretty and golden! And a decently large size, too. Scented of creme anglais, with myrrh resin, sweet orange oil and vanilla absolute, this bubble bar turns your bath water a shimmering gold! I got these for a steal at £1.57 each. Sorry I couldn't take them out of their packaging for a closer look, as they are gifts! 

So that concludes my LUSH post of the day! Do you think you'll be placing a UK LUSH order soon? With fast shipping and much cheaper prices, it's a win-win! 


  1. Ooooh, I want a mushroom bubble bar! They look so cute and round! You are tempting me with Lush UK...

    1. Oh my gosh, they are adorable! I kind of want to keep them and use them as decoration because I love Mario and it totally reminds me of Toad :) And they smell amazinggg!

  2. Yes! That's exactly why I love them! I have a giant Toad stuffed animal and it reminds me of him!

  3. How much did you have to pay in shipping? I'm looking at the site now and it's saying its 29 pounds in shipping!

    1. yes you have to keep it under 2kg or the price of shipping shoots up drastically! I had the UK call me (I emailed customer service and asked them to have mail order call me) and I was given the US shipping rate of 9.95 pounds. However, the Canadian shipping rate for under 2 kg is around 17 pounds. Even with that high shipping rate, I still would've saved tons of money though. I got lucky by getting mail order to call me because I guess she didn't know that Canadians pay more for shipping, and I scored the USA ship rate :)

    2. Oh nice! I might have to try that :)

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