Thursday, 31 May 2012

May Use-It-Up !

Who else gets excited when they finish up a product? There is something satisfying about seeing a product completely empty after it has been well-used and enjoyed. Some things suck to repurchase, because they're expensive, but as a beauty blogger I am constantly trying new brands and new things, so while I do have some staple products, usually emptying a container means trying something NEW :)
Here are my May empties:
Products I used up in May '12

I did spend a weekend away this month, so I used up lots of travel sized products!
The Ojon Shampoo and Conditioner samples I received in my ebeauty birthday bag were nice, but to me, shampoo is shampoo and I am not loyal to any brand. I wouldn't repurchase because this high-end brand is out of the price range I am willing to spend on hair care!

My sample sized bareMinerals purifying facial cleanser was very nice- it is a gentle cleanser with little scent. I liked it, but I have an arsenal of cleansers to try and wouldn't repurchase this one any time soon. However, I do love this brand, so if you're looking for a simple facial cleanser, this one might be worth checking out.

I used up the Mario Badescu eye cream I got in my sample package. This eye cream is supposed to lock in the skins natural moisture while being light weight. I found it to be very sticky and heavy, personally. I am picky with eye creams. I wouldn't repurchase, but I did try to make an order for skincare from Mario Badescu and was highly disappointed in their Canadian shipping prices! They will not offer Canadians any shipping discounts when they offer 'free' shipping to Americans, and only send Canadian packages via 2-day fedex which is hugely expensive! I even emailed the company asking if they would be willing to send my package via USPS so I wouldn't have to pay so much in shipping and they didn't bother to respond to me. Not impressed.

I finally finished my MAC peachy keen blush- I've had this for YEARS and wear it daily. I love blushes because they're such a great investment- mine last forever. I would definitely repurchase this blush, but I am contemplating branching out and trying some new blush brands, like benefit and tarte.

My Body Shop Tea Tree cleanser sample was an absolute hit. It lasted me 5 months! I purchased a full-sized bottle back in February and haven't had to crack it yet! So I've already re-purchased this awesome cleanser for acne-prone skin. 

I finished up a sample sized Dove conditioner, which was fine but nothing special. I don't really like Dove as a brand. I would not repurchase.

My simple facial cleansing wipes were amazing and I have already bought another package which I'm half way through! I love using these for travel as they're super easy and low maintenance. They're unscented, very gentle and a decent size.

Finally, I finished off my current jar of LUSH Rub Rub Rub shower scrub! This is a staple product for me- I cannot go without it! Check out my review on it here to see why you need it in your life as well! I will absolutely be repurchasing this exfoliator. 

There you go, my empties for May! On to June, hurray :)

P.S. don't forget to enter my 150 follower giveaway, featuring benefit, LUSH, Vasanti and Weleda!


I am pretty sure most of my readers are keen on cleaning their faces- it is an essential part of any beauty regime as it keeps your skin at its best. There are many different skin types, and one cleanser certainly doesn't suit all. For example, I have oily skin, whereas my sister has very dry skin. We wouldn't use the same cleanser, as one that might work for me would no doubt be drying and irritating to her.
LUSH makes a variety of facial cleansers. I love their take on facial care because they go packaging and preservative free! However, I have tried a good variety of LUSH facial cleansers, with little success. This saddens me, because I love LUSH as a company and I think their preservative free cleansers are amazing in concept, and in application for certain skin types.
This post is dedicated to LUSH facial cleansers so that if any of you at home are looking for your Holy Grail cleanser, you might find it with LUSH :)
The first cleanser I ever bought from LUSH was Fresh Farmacy. This is one of the two 'bar soap-like' cleansers that LUSH has. To use a bar soap cleanser by LUSH, you get a lather going in your hands by mixing the bar with warm water, then you apply the lather to your wet face. You can also rub the bar directly onto your wet face if you like, but I worry about bacterial growth from using it that way, personally. It smells like calamine, because it is primarily made up of it, alongside other great ingredients like tea tree oil, lavender oil and rose absolute. Fresh Farmacy is made for sensitive skin- the ingredients in this bar are meant to calm, soothe and clear up blemishes. It is marketed toward anyone who experiences red blotches, irritation or blemishes, as it is a super soothing, gentle cleanser that doesn't over-dry. At the time I was using this, I was experiencing very harsh break-outs, and this soothing cleanser wasn't enough to fight them. I decided to pick up a chunk of Coal Face.
Coal Face is meant for oily skin, as it is packed with charcoal to absorb excess sebum while exfoliating the skin at the same time. Coal Face also has rosewood and sandalwood oils which reduce redness and attack acne. It is advertised for those with blemish-prone, combination or oily skin. It smells like black licorice, as it has liquorice root in it! Apparently liquorice root is antibacterial, and helps clear up blemishes. I had high hopes for this cleanser, but it didn't clear up my skin. So I moved on..
LUSH Fresh Farmacy cleanser -- for sensitive skin with blotches, irritation or blemishes
LUSH Coal Face cleanser -- for blemish-prone, combination or oily skin 

Monday, 28 May 2012

GLOSSYBOX - May 2012

You will never guess what came unexpectedly in the mail today! My May Glossybox. I never even got a tracking number for it, so I totally wasn't expecting it. It came as a total surprise to me, actually. I'd forgotten about it because it always ships so late into the month, and I'd already received my lovely Topbox earlier in May. It was a wonderful little shock, and I just went on Glossyboxes FB page and see that they just announced packages were shipping today! 
For those of you who are new to beauty boxes, Glossybox is one of Canada's subscription beauty boxes. Alongside Glymm, Luxe and Topbox, Glossybox charges a monthly fee and sends out packages of deluxe beauty samples, such as lotions, makeup, nail care or skin care items right to your door step. Glossybox comes in a gorgeous, sturdy pale pink box that is completely re-usable for giving gifts or personal storage. I have four now, I'm getting a nice collection in my room! 
In my May Glossybox I received:
Curel Foot Cream (100ml/full size) (retails for $3.99/100ml)
Simple Eye Makeup Remover (50 ml) (full size retails for $9.99/125 ml)
Simple Facial Wash Gel (56 ml) (full size retails for $9.99/150 ml)
boxx Cosmetics Cream Corrector in Terrwyn (4 g/full size) (retails for $24.00)
Sebastian Professional Volupt Shampoo (250 ml/full size) (retails for $15.78)
*Note there is an error on the information card that came in the Glossybox. It stated that both Simple products were full-sized, when they are in fact sample sizes! This is not the first time Glossybox has made a mistake on their cards when listing prices for their products. Oops! :)
Full Size Curel Foot Therapy Cream
Full Size Sebastian Volume Boosting Shampoo

Full Size boxx Cream Corrector in Terrwyn 
Sample Size Simple Eye Makeup Remover
Sample Size Simple Facial Wash Gel

May 2012 Glossybox
Overall, I think this is a lovely box. I received three full size items, and two generous samples. I am most excited to try the boxx cream corrector- I am not familiar with the brand but it sounds like it could be an amazing product! The full sized shampoo is always welcome- I like Sebastian (their stuff smells yummy!) and  I am still enjoying the sample sized hair spray we got from them in a past Glossybox. The Curel foot cream probably won't be able to measure up to my favourite foot cream, LUSH Lemony Flutter, but I will give it a try!! I am quite the fan of Simple's facial cleansing wipes, so I am sure I will enjoy these sample products as well.
Glossybox has proven itself to be a reputable and generous beauty subscription box that provides amazing value for the $15.00/month subscription fee. In this box I received over $50.00 worth of products! My only wish is that they would be more concrete in their shipping times. When I signed up, I was told they would ship at the beginning of every month. Now they have modified that to say that they will ship 'any time within the month' which usually means that they ship in the last few days of each month. Glossy subscribers who live out West often do not receive their boxes until the month after they've paid for them, which is problematic.


If you wish to sign up for April's GLOSSYBOX, click here. A monthly subscription is $15.00 after taxes and shipping.
To read about the FEBRUARY 2012 GLOSSYBOX, click here. To read about the MARCH 2012 GLOSSYBOX, click here. To read about the APRIL 2012 GLOSSYBOX, click here.

Friday, 25 May 2012

REVIEW: LUSH Bubblegum Lip Scrub

LUSH bubblegum lip scrub
LUSH makes excellent products for all parts of the body, but I particularly love their LIP SCRUBS! There are three flavours currently available for purchase, Sweet Lips (chocoholics, check it out!), Mint Julips (minty chocolately goodness!) and my personal fave, Bubblegum ($8.95/25g). This tub may look tiny for the price, but you hardly use any each time you apply it. I've been using my tub since December '11 and look how full it still is!
This blend of Fair Trade sugar and deeply moisturizing jojoba oil helps keep lips soft and kissable. This scrub is 100% edible- you could scoop it into your mouth for a treat if you wanted, but that's not what it is for!! To use, glide some of the scrub over your chapped or dry lips, rub your lips together, and then lick off the excess. You should have silky smooth lips after application, and it tastes really yummy.
When I use it, I will put a touch of lip balm on first to ensure that the scrub really sticks easily to my lips. If you try to apply this product to bone dry lips, it may get a bit messy!

a close up of the texture of LUSH Bubblegum Lip Scrub

as with all LUSH products, the label shows the date it was made on, as well as a 'best before' date! Rosie was kind enough to make this lovely scrub for me- THANKS ROSIE :)

the few ingredients used in this fantastic lip scrub
I use this product once or twice a week, and I apply lip balm daily. This routine keeps my lips very soft and smooth! I highly recommend this product to anyone who has problems with dry lips as it isn't overly abrasive  and works well! I wish it didn't have dyes in it, but LUSH really likes to make their products colourful and 'fun'. It is a very pretty pink, but I personally would love it just the same if it was naturally coloured.

Do you use lip scrubs? Tell me about your favourite brands!

REVIEW: Kaia Naturals Cleansing Cloths & NOTD: Julep's Hayden

Have you heard of kaia naturals? I got some samples from them in the mail and they seemed right up my alley. They are cleansing cloths that are tough enough to remove waterproof mascara and liner. They are advertised as a 4 in 1, as they remove all makeup, cleanse and tone. I got excited when I learned they're 100% biodegradable, and soaked in vitamins B12, C and E as well as eight essential oils like tangerine, lime and grapefruit. The cloths also have organic Canadian honey to leave your face feeling moisturized after cleansing (thus they are not a vegan product).

As you know, I quite like using cleansing cloths on occasion because they're very convenient! You can just grab one and take it on the go- they can be used anywhere, you don't need a sink and warm water and a wash cloth and a bottle of cleanser. This one can be used for all your face cleansing needs, which is an added bonus.
My little sample came with five cloths. I have used three so far! They smell like cherries to me, even though there is no cherry in the ingredients. I guess it is just the combination of many fruit essential oils. Either way, these cloths smell really good!
I was surprised at how small the cloths are- they're much smaller than any other cleansing cloth I've used before, which I didn't like. However, I used both sides and it did the trick and I was able to remove all my makeup and mascara too! As promised, I wasn't left with dry skin afterwards.
I like the fact that these cloths are made with 99% natural ingredients. They're paraben-free, sulfate-free, alcohol-free and free of synthetic fragrances! What I don't like? The price tag! I know natural brands are usually more expensive, but these wipes are out of my price-range at $17.99 for 30, especially since I wash my face twice daily! I love the basis of the company and I think the product is great, but I won't be purchasing these cloths in the near future unless they go on sale!

kaia Cleansing Cloth
Overall, I am happy with the product- it smells lovely and does the trick in removing my makeup and leaving my face cleansed and soft. I wish the cloths were a liiiittle bigger, and I wish they were a tad less expensive.  If you want to try this product for yourself, you can buy the cloths online or at a local health and wellness store near you! Check out their website for all the info you need to locate them in your area.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Summer time is just around the corner, and that means open toed shoes, running around in bare feet and calluses! The first two sound lovely, the third? Not so much.
I work on my feet all day. I have calluses all year round! They get worse in the summer though, because my feet get a lot of wear and tear. I have my cure to foot calluses, and I am sharing it with all of you!
Firstly, I will admit that I get at least one professional pedicure every summer. I think every girl should treat herself to one, and they're really not all that pricey for what you get. 
In order to ensure my feet are smooth and pretty for the summer, I use my Quo foot scrubber in the shower. This thing works great, and I am not a huge fan of pumice stones so this is highly preferable in my opinion. While I am in the shower, I will also scrub my entire foot with cake beauty's citrus squeeze brown sugar scrub. This stuff is POTENT! The granules are huge. It is supposed to be used for the entire body, but I find it waaaay too harsh for anywhere else. It is supposed to be very moisturizing, which is a bonus. Once I am out of the shower, I lather my feet in LUSH Lemony Flutter. I also apply Lemony Flutter to the soles of my feet before bedtime. This routine keeps my feet presentable, although not 100% callus free!
LUSH Lemony Flutter cuticle butter
Lemony flutter ($14.95/45g)  is a thick lemon cream that is advertised for softening cuticles. I personally use it to soften my hands, elbows and feet! Lemony flutter is packed with lemon juice, shea butter and beeswax. It also contains cold-pressed avocado oil, which moisturizes and softens skin. I find the scent of this butter to be very pleasing. It smells like lemon icing- good enough to eat! I would highly suggest this product as a deep moisturizer for dry patches. This product has left me with extremely soft and supple hands and feet!

cake Citrus Squeeze sugar scrub
cake's Citrus Squeeze sugar scrub ($32.00/625g) is a turbinado brown sugar scrub that smells absolutely divine! Literally, this scrub smells edible. It is enriched with cocoa butter, coconut oil, olive oil and sunflower seed oil to add moisture while exfoliating. I find the granules to be very large and harsh- anyone with sensitive skin would not like this product. I only use it on my feet, and prefer LUSH's Rub Rub Rub for the rest of my body.

Quo foot scrubber
This foot scrubber is a fabulous purchase. I cannot recall how much it was, but you can get one for yourself at your nearest Shoppers Drugmart!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012


my very well packaged LUSH UK order! 

It was not very long ago that I made a little post to tell you all that LUSH UK had new and exciting retro products out! Well, today my doorbell rang and guess what? My international LUSH order had made its way across the pond to me. I love how fast the LUSH UK shipping is. I love how well they package everything for international travel. I love the products. I love the prices! I just LOVE LUSH UK

Look at all my goodies!! I ordered:
Whitewash Shower Smoothie (retro/LE) (which is now sold out!)
Deep Sleep Shower Jelly (retro/LE)
2 x Lemony Flutter cuticle butter (which is also available in North America and is not a retro product)
Heavenly Bodies buttercream (retro/LE)
Milko soap (retro/LE)
Sonic Death Monkey shower gel (retro) (also available in NA retro)
and they included a sample vial of Dirty perfume and a sample pot of Freeze shower gel (both of which I already own actually! but samples are always welcome and appreciated)
my LUSH UK haul!

My initial thoughts?
Whitewash smells amazing! Very citrusy. It is made with tons of aloe vera and China clay to be used as a soothing, softening and cleansing soap. I cannot wait to use this!

Sonic Death Monkey was thrown in as a 'just because'. I love trying LUSH Retro shower gels. This one is supposed to smell of chocolate, coffee, limes and hemp! I missed the whole 'hemp' part when I ordered it and as soon as I took a sniff, the hemp was majorly evident! I've heard great things about this shower gel from other LUSHies but this one might not be for me. I may decant some and see if I like it in the shower.

Milko soap was purchased because I love LUSH's creamy soaps. It is supposed to smell like lemon ice cream (yum??) but to me it smells exactly like LUSH's Christmas soap Snowcake. I have tons of Snowcake stocked up, so I sniffed one and then the other, and they do smell similar although Snowcake has a stronger scent. Either way, I like the scent of Milko and will use it up no problem!

Deep Sleep shower jelly was much anticipated by all the LUSH community. It is very lavender and chamomile based, and smells a lot like Dream Cream. Overall, I prefer the scent of Sweetie Pie and Iced Wine shower jellies over this one, but I took a gamble on it.

Lemony Flutter is one of my staple LUSH products that I cannot be without. I picked up one for me, and one for a friend who has chronically dry hands. It is lemony fresh, and it is deeply moisturizing. I love the texture, the scent and the effectiveness of this product. It is a must-have!

Lastly, Heavenly Bodies buttercream. I was so excited to try a butter cream because they've been discontinued by LUSH for years. Buttercreams are made for extra sensitive skin as a non-lathering, deeply moisturizing soap. It is supposed to smell of oranges and chocolate, but I got a heavy whiff of rhassoul mud when I sniffed mine, which I am not a fan of. Hopefully that scent disappears in the shower!

Overall, I am quite pleased with my LUSH UK order! I have had nothing but top notch experiences with the LUSH UK and I will continue to buy from them. Check them out for yourself- many of their products are considerably cheaper than the North American LUSH.

Monday, 21 May 2012


I feel so blessed to have reached over 150 followers. When I started blogging, I did so because I craved a creative outlet. I love writing and I love beauty products, so I decided to mesh the two together. I didn't know if anyone would care to read what I had to say. I have received such great support from other beauty bloggers, through comments and conversation. I have many beauty blogs that I read religiously every day, and I truly do feel a connection and friendship with many of you.
To all my readers, new and old, THANK YOU for reading and commenting. To show my appreciation for you all, I am hosting a 150 follower giveaway:
The prize to be won? A benefit cosmetics bag which includes a bad gal lash mascara (one of my favourites!), the POREfessional, benetint and high beam alongside an absolutely gorgeous makeup bag! As well, a Weleda Almond cleansing lotion, a LUSH marzibain bubble bar (I could not do a giveaway without LUSH!) and a Vasanti tinted lipbalm in Bahamas. These are all products that I personally love!
To enter, just follow the instructions below:
a Rafflecopter giveaway This contest is open to North American residents only. This contest is for followers and readers of my blog; "contest" blogs will be exempt. If you do not leave your e-mail address with your entry, I will not be able to contact you if you win! The contest winner will be contacted on June 10th. If I do not hear from them within 48 hours, a new winner will be awarded.

May 2-4 Memories Made

I hope you all had a wonderful Victoria Day long weekend. I am home from a lovely weekend escape spent with loved ones. Here are a few photographs to share my experience with you all! Now I am off to get caught up on some beauty blog reading!! 
a friendly boater waves hello as he drives past the cottage lake front 

Thursday, 17 May 2012

REVIEW: Origins Mega-Bright Skin Tone Correcting Serum

Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins® Mega-Bright Skin Tone Correcting Serum ($69.00/30ml)

Back in mid-March I purchased a bottle of skin-tone correcting serum by Origins. I went into Sephora looking for a product to help me combat acne scarring that exists on my chin. I was originally looking at Clinique's dark spot corrector, but the Sales Associate said that this Mega-Bright serum would be more effective for acne scars, so I bought it.
Apparently, 92% of participants in a research study showed a "dramatic" improvement in evenness of skin tone in just four weeks time while using Mega-Bright, so I hoped I'd be a part of that majority. Mega-Bright is advertised to visibly reduce dark spots and discolorations while preventing the appearance of new dark spots simultaneously. It is said to be effective for UV damage, acne scarring, and age spots. After four weeks of continuous usage, Origins states that your skin should be clear, bright and luminous! How great does this sound to you? I like Origins as a brand- they focus on using natural ingredients in their products. I trust Origins to make good quality and effective products. That is why I paid $70 + tax for this 30ml bottle of serum.
Unfortunately, this product has not lived up to its many claims for me. It pains me to write this review, because I really, really wanted this product to work for me. I've been using it in conjunction with retin-A on my chin area for 2 months now, and I think the retin-A is doing a better job of lessening discolouration because I have been using Mega-Bright solely on my cheeks (where I also have acne scarring) and the dark spots are not budging.
The pros to this product? It smells amazing. It is a light orange scent. It is very silky in texture and almost feels like a primer when applied to my skin. It soaks in quickly and leaves behind no residue. It is a pretty pearly colour. The cons? It doesn't do what I bought it to do- lessen dark marks! Overall, I would say this was a big waste of $70 bucks. I would not re-purchase nor recommend this product to any of you, but I will finish the bottle because I paid for it and it isn't doing any harm to my skin.

Mega-Bright has a pearly appearance
Help a sister out, what is your best tried and true dark spot corrector? I don't want to waste another $70.00 on something that isn't effective!

P.S. did you all see the new MAC Hey Sailor collection that was just released? Anyone going to make a purchase? I love the nautical theme!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

NOTD: Julep's Alyson and a contest win for me!

Julep 'Alyson' & Deborah Lippmann's 'Whatever Lola Wants'
I tried out my new Julep polish on Monday, and by Tuesday evening it was a chipped mess. So far, I am not impressed with Juleps quality. The application was seamless, and it dried quickly, but on my first night of wear, 'Alyson' chipped a little bit. By the second evening, the chipping was atrocious and I had to remove the Julep polish as soon as I got home. However, it was extremely difficult to remove! For some reason, the polish that didn't chip off seemed glued to my nails and it took multiple cotton pads to get all of it off, which I'm not used to from a non-glittery polish. As you can see, I was still wearing Deborah Lippmann's 'Whatever Lola Wants' from my last manicure on my ring finger, and NO I did not re-do it, it just has fantastic wearing power! I took it off when I removed my Julep polish, but it gave a good run. 

Battling Acne: Proactiv Refining Mask

Proactiv Refining Mask -- the acne killer
Who hasn't seen the consistent, celebrity-laden ads by Proactiv on television? Everyone from Katy Perry to Justin Beiber is claiming that Proactiv saved their skin.
I have never been shy about discussing my own battles with blemishes with you all, and I have tried many products but never Proactiv. This is because Proactiv's main three step system is primarily based in benzyol peroxide, which can also be found in much cheaper drugstore branded cleansers. I have used Clear and Clear (BP based) before and it irritated my skin. I have read plenty of reviews from Proactiv users who also claimed that the three step stystem irritated their skin beyond belief. BP also has bleaching properties that will ruin your wash clothes, as well as anything else it touches (pillow cases, for example).
Proactiv apparently makes it very difficult to cancel your monthly subscription to their service, and if you sign up for Proactiv you are automatically enrolled in their auto-delivery program. Apparently, they do not make this explicitly obvious when enrolling online. Read independent reviews for yourself before doing business with this company- I have, and it made me wary.
However, one of my local malls has a Proactiv kiosk, and while the three step system didn't sound like it was worth a go, I had read many rave reviews for their refining mask ($31.20/70g). I am sure if you watch TV you know what the refining mask is, because it's been spotlighted as a free gift when purchasing the three step system. I decided to purchase a bottle of it from the mall kiosk, without having any clue how much it would cost. It isn't cheap, but I've seen more expensive masks out there.
Proactiv's refining mask is made to soothe irritation and diminish acne. This mask has a 6% concentration of sulfur, which is known to heal and prevent acne. The mask is also enriched with omegas, and has a clay base. Proactiv says this mask will give 'radiant, healthier looking skin, with refined texture and tone, reduced appearance of pores and wonderful clarity'. It is recommended to be used as a mask 2-3 times weekly, and as an overnight spot treatment as needed. 
Proactiv Refining Mask -- it is very thick in texture
My experiences with this mask have been excellent. I have used it as a spot treatment on emerging pimples and they've gone back where they came from, diminishing in size and healing very quickly. I have also used this as an all over face mask on a weekly basis, although I'm not sure if it is preventing me from breaking out.  I have been taking my cod liver oil and using retin-A, so a combination of these three things seems to be greatly improving my skin (but I am still getting pimples regularly).
The only thing I really dislike about this mask is the smell. It is sulfur based, so it smells like rotten eggs. I really really hate that scent, and it takes a lot to stomach it. It is worth it for the results, though. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a great multi-use item for battling acne!
I have recently reached 150 followers- thank you ALL so much for reading and commenting, it means the world to me. I will be hosting an awesome 150 follower giveaway after the Victoria day long weekend. If anyone has a suggestion for what they might like to see as a giveaway prize, leave it in the comments! I'm open to ideas at this point. Is anyone getting out of the city and doing something fun for their long weekend? Let me know!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

NOTD: Essie's Turquoise & Caicos + a Shopper's Drugmart Haul

I made a little Shopper's Drugmart haul the other day, and I thought I'd show you all what I picked up! 

Essie Turquoise and Caicos 

Monday, 14 May 2012

Beauty and the Gamer's 50 Follower Giveaway!

A blogger friend of mine is hosting a 50 follower giveaway. Jamie at Beauty and the Gamer is one of my absolute favourite bloggers. I'm not just saying that, I've been following her since she started blogging and I am such a fan of her reviews.
Check out her giveaway, and explore her posts!

JULEP Cinco De Mayo Mystery Box

Have you heard about Julep? They have a monthly subscription service where for $19.99, you will be sent a monthly box filled with $60+ worth of nail polish, pedicure or manicure items. It is different from most beauty subscription boxes in that you get to see what is coming in your box before it is sent, and if you don't like the things, you can pick another Maven box. 
I have refrained from subscribing to the Julep Maven subscription program because I like nail polish, but not enough to dedicate $20.00/month to it. However, Julep occasionally offers 'mystery box' deals that are open to everyone, and you do not need to be a Julep Maven to order one! I decided to take the plunge and I ordered a Cinco de Mayo mystery box for $19.99 (shipping included!). Julep ships out of the USA, so our American neighbours usually receive their boxes before us, however Julep doesn't charge Canadians any extra in shipping charges which is totally cool of them. 

My mystery box came well-packaged, and a set of nail appliques in 'peacock' ($14.00) rested on top of the polishes. Sticking with the Cinco de Mayo theme, the inner packaging was very bright and cheery! All of the polishes also complimented the theme in colour.
I was happy to see that Julep takes great care in packaging their products for shipment! Everything was perfectly secure.
On top of the nail appliques, I received a bottle of Julep cuticle oil ($18.00), a bottle of Julep top coat ($14.00) and five very bright nail polish shades! Alyson, Christina, Parker, Vanessa and Hayden.

Julep's Hayden -- neon peach
Hayden ($14.00) is one of the most exciting colours I received- it looks like something I would wear, especially on my toes! It would look lovely with a summer tan.
Vanessa -- glitter in a clear base
Vanessa ($14.00) seems like a pretty average glitter based top coat. I already have one by OPI that I use, but this is still a welcome addition to my collection because I love glitter :)
Parker -- golden tangerine creme 
Parker ($14.00) is a very bright orange that I highly doubt will suit my skin tone. I have never been a fan of strong orange colours. I like the name of it, though :)
Christina -- shimmery deep orange
Christina ($14.00) is described as orange, but looks more red to me. It is laced with gold shimmer. I suppose it is a tomato red, and more suitable for the winter months in my opinion. It reminds me of Christmas!
Alyson -- almond creme
Alyson ($14.00) rivals Hayden as my favourite pick from this mystery box. I love neutrals! They never get old. This colour will definitely get a lot of wear from me and I'm excited to swatch it!

Expect some of these colours to make appearances in my future NOTD posts! I am very happy with my first Julep mystery box experience and I would definitely order one again in the future. If you want to get a heads up on the Julep mystery box program, you can subscribe to their emails on their website, or follow them on facebook or twitter (I do all three!). This box cost me a mere $19.99 and has $116.00 worth of Julep products in it! I love a great deal, and I am very pleased with this box.

Did you order a Cinco de Mayo mystery box? Link me to your review posts, or list what you received in the comments!

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