Monday 13 February 2012

Natural Deodorant by LUSH

Last year I did some research on antiperspirant deodorants. I had heard here and there from random sources that commercialized deodorants are bad for you. They apparently increase the risk of breast cancer in women. I did a bit of research, and I was shocked with what I found.
Regular antiperspirant deodorant that you buy at the drug store is filled with chemicals and aluminum. These chemicals seep through your skin and into the soft tissues of your breast area. If you check your antiperspirant deodorant, it even warns you not to apply on broken skin -- this is because the ingredients are harmful to your body. 
Statistics show that if you develop breast cancer, there is a 50% chance the tumor will appear in the area closest to your under arms. There is only a 6% chance that the cancer will appear in the area farthest from your under arms. This means you are 8 times more likely to develop breast cancer next to the area where you apply your deodorant. Doctors will not outright state that antiperspirants increase your risk of cancer; the usual "more tests need to be done" statement is often toted. However, many health advocates do state that antiperspirants can increase your chances of developing cancer. 
Aluminum has been linked to other health issues too, namely Alzheimer's disease. 
Now I am not here to lecture you all, or to fear-monger. I did the research, and I decided to go natural with my deodorant choices. If you decide that you're interested in following suit, LUSH cosmetics has some great options that will keep you smelling great in a much healthier way. If LUSH isn't your thing, there are a TON of natural and organic deodorants at your local health and supplement store. Go in and ask about them. 
What is LUSH's take on deodorant? 
"We're meant to sweat to rid our body of toxins and to regulate our temperatures. Our deodorants won't stop you from sweating but they will help to balance perspiration and keep you smelling fresh. We think it's better to smell of lovely fruits and flowers than to smell of ... well, you know. We like to be healthy and we like to smell good so we made these for ourselves and you can have some too if you like."

LUSH coconut deodorant powder

LUSH has two main types of deodorant: the powders and the solids. I have some of both. Pictured above is the coconut deodorant powder by LUSH ($7.95/50g). It smells DIVINE. Like, good enough to eat. This awesome powder has powdered coconut milk, creamed and desiccated coconut and coconut oils in it! It also has tapioca, cornstarch and natural mineral magnesium carbonate in it to keep underarms soft, smooth and dry.
To use: tap some powder directly onto your hand, then rub onto your armpits! It can get messy and takes a bit of practice. I also use this yummy powder as a dusting powder and dry shampoo! Gotta love multi-purpose products!
Aromarant deodorant by LUSH

Recently discontinued, Aromarant ($6.95/100gis one of LUSH's solid deodorant options. They also have another one that is similar in make, but different in smell, Aromaco.
I was sad to hear of the discontinuation of Aromarant. I have just the two pieces pictured here, but they'll last me at least a year. This bar has lemon, cleavers infusion, and sandalwood to combat body stench and soothe and moisturize. There is also microfine sodium bicarbonate and witch hazel to absorb sweat. I like this bar because it goes on smooth. I literally just rub it onto my armpits like you would a traditional deodorant. It melts at my body temperature and glides on. Then, I will layer the coconut deodorant right on top. I find this solid deo to have little to no smell. The coconut makes me smell great, and it sticks well to the Aromarant.
I find the combination of Aromarant and coconut to work well for the winter time, and any time I won't be sweating a lot. However, if things are going to get hot and sweaty I prefer:


T'eo ($7.95/90g) is a solid powder deodorant. See the link for what it looks like whole. I dropped mine on the floor, and now it lives in an air-tight plastic container looking like that ^^^.
T'eo has magnesium carbonate, juniper berry, tea tree and lemon essential oils to combat bacteria, keeping you smelling great and feeling dry all day long.
This is a 'hard core' natural deodorant that I can use in the summer to keep myself smelling fab while outdoors. As it has lemon in it, I would NEVER apply this to freshly shaven arm pits- it'll sting like mad! The same goes for Aromarant. To use T'eo, I just rub it onto my armpits like I would the coconut powder.

If you choose to go with any of these LUSH deodorants, do not store them in your washroom. Similar to dry shampoo, their job is to absorb excess moisture so you will want to keep them in a cool, dry place.

Check out the LUSH page to see all their deodorants- they have a few more that I did not go over in my post. These three are my personal faves, and like most LUSH products, a little goes a long way and they last FOREVER! A little note on switching from aluminum deodorants to non-aluminum deodorants: most sources suggest that you need a two week adjustment period to cleanse all the junk out of your underarms, so the natural deodorants might appear to not work as well at first. Give your body two weeks to cleanse itself and you will notice your underarm funk to drastically decrease :)


  1. WOW! Thanks for the all the info! I've been wanting to try their deodorants for the longest time, but have always been weary - do they leave any kind of discolourations on your clothing?

    1. if you wear black, the powder deodorants can leave white residue on the inside of your t-shirt/whatever it is you are wearing. This usually happens if I put black tops on right after applying the powder deodorant (so it hasn't had time to soak in a bit). However, that happens with most regular deodorants too. I have never had any LUSH deodorant stain my clothing permanently- it always comes out in the wash.

  2. Hmmmm, I would totally be on board with the LUSH deodorants, but I don't like any type of scent for my deodorants which is surprising considering I love scents for everything else! Right now, I just use the salt stick deodorant because it doesn't have parabens, aluminum or phthalates and doesn't smell like anything which I love. Is there an unscented LUSH deodorant?

    1. Good for you for using a natural deodorant :) if you like the one you have, stick with it! LUSH doesn't have any unscented deodorants. I would consider Aromarant unscented (it smells a bit like sandalwood, but once applied it doesn't smell). It's disconned though. All the other ones have scent. The Greeench is herbally, aromaco is patchouli, coconut is coconut, and T'eo smells lemony.

  3. I use a natural deodorant from Essensia Naturals and for me it works the best of the ones I've tried. Have you done a review on this on, I haven't seen it if you have. I'm not crazy about the Lush as it makes a bit of a mess. I've used LaVanila and it works ok but not as good as the Essensia and it's a little too girly for me.

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