Wednesday 8 February 2012

LUSH moisturizers

First off, I would like to let you all know that the ~new retro~ items from LUSH UK will be available for sale coming this weekend in case you are interested. The forum party was today, but the only forum specials were a massage bar that is still available to us in Canada, and a fragrance that was of no interest to me. Sadly, none of the new retro items have intrigued me enough to make an overseas order.

My first Glossybox should be arriving soon! They were sent out today. I have checked out some beauty blogs and know what to expect in my first box, but I will blog about my initial reactions to the products and box when it arrives in a post for you all.

Fossil's Maddox Satchel in Sea Green ($240) 
As I mentioned in a recent post, I got my Fossil handbag today! It is gorgeous! Pictured is the Maddox satchel in sea green. It is so beautiful! This was my Valentine's day gift to myself, just because I love me so much ;)

Now onto the main course: facial moisturizers ! Back in May '11 I decided I wanted to stop slathering synthetic and often poisonous creams and lotions all over my body. Most drug store branded moisturizers are loaded with crap that isn't meant for human consumption, and our skin is our largest organ! It absorbs what you slather all over it! So I bought some LUSH moisturizers and its been trial and error ever since.
I wouldn't say I've found my perfect match. I am considering other brands for moisturizers and would LOVE any feedback on natural(ish) brands. I was pondering Philosophy or Origins specifically

Vanishing Cream, Full of Grace serum, Imperialis Cream, Body Shop Tea Tree cream
I used to use Neutrogena or Aveeno moisturizers. I would just buy whichever of the two brands was on sale when I needed it at the time. I really liked the Aveeno brand. I am still considering switching back once I use up my LUSH, even though it is not the healthiest choice for my body. I currently own: Vanishing Cream by LUSH, Imperialis by LUSH, Full of Grace serum bar by LUSH, Enzymion by LUSH (not pictured) and a small sample size of the Body Shop tea tree moisturizer.

My first moisturizer purchase by LUSH was made in the summer time. I was still a little overwhelmed by the prices at LUSH- compared to my drug store brands, it was pretty pricey. I didn't want to dive head-on into their expensive moisturizers, as many ranged in price from $35+ for what seemed like a pretty small amount at a measly 45g. I bought my pot of Imperialis ($23.95/45g) because it was one of LUSH's 4 'cheap' moisturizers that seemed most correct for my acne-prone skin. As I've mentioned in the past, I have clear skin everywhere but my chin area, so I consider my skin to be 'combination' when asked. My past brands were always 'oil-free' and LUSH doesn't make 'oil-free' moisturizers which really concerned me. Imperialis is LUSH's answer to combo skin- it has lavender infusion to balance skins sebum production, tiger lily to tone, St. John's wort to soothe blemishes, as well as olive oil, shea butter and cocoa butter to moisturize. I found this moisturizer to be a bit heavy for my skin. I am using it now that it is winter much more frequently. As you can see, I still have some left from my first pot because a little really does got a LONG way with LUSH moisturizers. LUSH suggests you put just a dab on your fingertip, and rub onto your freshly cleaned and toned skin. I usually moisturize my face only once a day, in the evening. I will moisturize my chin in the mornings too, because my acne treatments leave it much dryer than the rest of my face.
I would suggest Imperialis if you have true combination skin: dry in some spots, greasy in others. A better match for me was Vanishing Cream ($39.95/45g), LUSH's lightest moisturizer. It is called Vanishing Cream because it is meant for acne prone skin. It has no cocoa butter, and uses shea butter and jojoba oils instead. It also has lavender honey water and rose water to sooth irritated skin. Vanishing Cream contains witch hazel to combat acne, and I would say that this moisturizer smells of witch hazel primarily. It is my favourite LUSH moisturizer, and if you suffer from acne, it might be your best LUSH bet as well.
I also have a pot of Enzymion ($37.95/45g) moisturizer because I read reviews and thought it might be even better than Vanishing Cream for me. This cream is meant for oily skin; it contains cleansing papaya, soothing aloe vera, and lemon, grape fruit and lime oils to tone and brighten the skin. It also contains cocoa butter and avocado oils. This cream smells very citrus-y and fresh. I honestly found Enzymion to be too light for me. It almost feels as if it doesn't moisturize at all, especially in the winter. I might save the remainder for the summer and see if I like it better then, because I purchased it around September of last year.
Finally, the Full of Grace serum bar ($13.95/20g) was something I picked up in December out of sheer curiosity. It is a solid bar that you rub between your hands; similar to a massage bar, it will melt from your body heat and then you rub it into your face. Made of murumuru butter, cupuacu butter, essential oils, mushrooms and calamine powder, this bar smells primarily like calamine. It features rose oil to sooth irritations, and portobello mushrooms to provide antioxidant properties and vitamins. Many LUSHies suggest this to be used as a night cream in the winter. It is much too heavy for my skin, except for my forehead, so I sometimes use it as a night cream for that area only. I also love using it to smooth out my eyebrows! If you have dry skin, or if you are worried about wrinkles, you should definitely purchase one of these little guys! For the price, you can't find better.

Remember how I said that LUSH moisturizers seemed over-priced for how little you got? I haven't used up a single pot yet! A little really does go a long way, so if you are interested in trying a LUSH moisturizer- go for it! They have a vast selection for all skin types, so if you are unsure go into a store and ask for a sample or even a consultation. Unfortunately I haven't fell in love with any of them; I think its mostly because they all contain oils and butters and my skin is still too temperamental for that. When my skin finally decides to grow up and stop acting like a teenager, I will definitely go back to LUSH moisturizers.

Thanks for reading, and hello to my new followers :)


  1. Eeek! What a pretty mint colour! Happy Valentine's Day to you ;-) I have been wanting to try the LUSH moisturizers myself. I've got really dry skin so I'm sure there will be something that works... I've been making a LUSH wishlist to go crazy on when I've got the time to go downtown to the closest location.

    1. if you have reaaally dry skin, Skin Drink might be your best choice! It smells like avocado and sesame so that puts some people off, but my sister uses it and loves it! Luckily it is also one of LUSH's 'cheaper' choices. Celestial smells amazing and its for 'normal' skin; many people start out with it. Also on the cheaper side, cosmetic lad which smells like oranges and might be heavy enough for you! oh the possibilities :P

  2. That bag is gorgeous. On the moisturizer front, may I suggest coconut oil? I bought a jar from the organic section of the grocery about a month ago and there is barely a dent made in the stuff! You scrape or spoon out a tiny bit, it melts in your hand, and then you use it like a lotion. I use it on my face after washing and I've never been so flake free in the winter. Just an idea! ;)

    1. Do you have acne-prone skin? I would love an all-natural moisturizer and plain ol' oil sounds as good as it gets but I am worried it'd make me break out?

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