Friday 10 February 2012


Hello my lovely blogger friends :)
I know you know I love LUSH cosmetics. It is my favourite beauty brand! I had mentioned in a few posts about the forum party they hosted back on Feb 8th. The limited edition retro releases are now available for sale on the UK website! I am really tempted by the massage bar and the jelly, but I am holding off on ordering for now.
However, I thought I'd share the product information with you in case any of you were thinking of making a little retro order for yourself as a V-day treat :)
Party On shower jelly (£6.85/250g) is a bright and breezy jelly with lime oil, rosemary infusion, mint and juniper. It is meant in invigorate you in the early mornings, or get you pumped up for a night out on the town with its refreshing scent and colour!
Nutts massage bar (£5.95 each) sounds like my dream massage bar! It is something I am really eyeing. It is coconutty, with vetivert (smoky), vanilla, tonka and sandalwood. It is described by LUSH as sweet, smoky, nutty and cakey. Can you say YUM? 
Hot Milk bubble bar (£3.20 each) is a bath time treat scented of coconut  milk, orange and patchouli. It is supposed to be a soothing scent meant to induce calm bathing. I personally cannot stomach patchouli in any format, so this would be a pass for me.

Uluru bath bomb (£3.50 each) is fragranced with lemon myrtle, sandalwood and rosewood, alongside orange oil. This bomb is described as sweet, cheering and relaxing; apparently it makes for beautiful bath water!
And finally, Canadian Maple soap (£4.50/100g) caught my eye because it gave mention of Canada. And who doesn't love maple syrup, honestly? This soap is supposed to smell sweet and delicious, as it's made with actual maple syrup! LUSH says it has a nutty-toffee aroma with a touch of tangerine oil for a citrus uplift. It hasn't got such rave reviews from other LUSHies online though, who say it smells very bland.

What do you all think of the limited edition LUSH UK retro items? If any of you are planning on getting something, share the deetz!


  1. Lush soap is to die for! We just got a shop opened up at my local Mall, I'm in the UK. It's literally 5 mins from where I live, my bathroom is brimming over with Lush stuff I think I have a new addiction! Lovely blog xx

    1. thanks for following my blog! I am now following yours as well:) I am obsessed with LUSH - it is the best.

  2. Hey me again, just wanted to pass on the 'versatile blog' award visit my blog and claim your button! xx


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