Monday 10 September 2012

Boscia Haul!

I recently did a little boscia haul and I thought I'd share with you three products that I am very excited to try out!
Firstly, their infamous Luminizing Black Mask ($41.00)! This mineral-rich peel-off mask is meant to detoxify, purify and brighten the skin. It is made with clay to deep-cleanse and draw out dirt and oil. It also has antioxidants to shrink pores, firm skin and reduce inflammation. I have heard that this mask is great for the skin and that it is also really fun to apply and remove- expect a review!
Secondly, I got their Revitalizing Black Hydration Gel ($46.00), which I thought sounded really cool! This gel takes the place of your daily moisturizer- it provides ultralight hydration while refining skin texture, brightening the skin and minimizing pores. It has charcoal in it to absorb oil. It also has awesome glycolic acid to clarify and smooth the skin. I think this product sounds really different and I am excited to try it out!
Lastly, in my never ending search for acne-fighting miracle workers, I got boscia's Willow Bark Breakout Treatment ($30.00). This is a botanically-based spot treatment for acne blemishes. Willow bark helps provide relief from breakouts as an anti-irritant to calm inflammation. It also has jojoba leaf and vitamins C and E to reduce redness, control oil and maintain a clear complexion!
In general, I think bosica is an awesome company. They are all about keeping it natural, and as such all their products have expiry dates, just like LUSH!

I also received 6 of their pore purifying black strips! I am excited to try these and compare them to Biore's pore strips. If you purchase anything from their website right now, you get 6 of these pore strips FREE, which is very cool!

Are you familiar with boscia? What do you think of the brand?


  1. I love peel off masks!!! So fun!!

  2. I'd be curious to know how the Willow Bark treatment works out for you!:)

  3. I've heard about this brand and really great things were said about it.

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested :)

  4. I've only tried Boscia's blotting papers - which are totally HG for me - can't wait to hear how you find these products.

    p.s. since we are battling acne together :-) I thought I'd share a tip with you from my facialist - she told me to rub a lemon slice over my acne every night - I looked it up on MUA and apparently it helps lighten scarring and get rid of acne - fingers crossed it works for me :-)

  5. I haven't tried to much from Boscia, but their Luminizing Black Mask looks great! :) Can't wait to see your review on it!

  6. I acutally use the Boscia black mask before and find it pretty good. The one thing for me is that it has this scent that makes my eyes sting somethings when i apply it. But definitely a good product.


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