Thursday 30 August 2012

August Use-It-Up!

As per usual, I have made it through the month with a fair amount of empties to show you all. Many of these were very well loved and enjoyed, while some were just 'meh'.
LUSH Dream Cream is a classic cream that is made for soothing sensitive skin. I like this cream, especially in the winter for angry noses. However, the smell of lavender isn't one of my favourites so this isn't a cream that I love for anything other than how well it works! I probably wouldn't re-purchase.

LUSH Ocean Salt is my HG facial exfoliator. I have raved about this product on my blog in many, many posts and I've already re-purchased another tub of this cannot-be-without product!

Prada Candy perfume is my every day scent. I wear it day and night, and I've already re-purchased another bottle of it. It is nice and light, but scrumptious at the same time.

A bottle of my favourite Orly polish got all gross and gunky so I tossed it. Someone mentioned you can buy thinner to fix bad polishes but I was too lazy. I bought a new, similar colour by Essie instead.

Cargo Lash Activator mascara was a nice mascara- it worked fairly well for me, but isn't worth the price tag. I would not re-purchase.
Philosophy's Hope in a Jar oil-free has been with me through most of the summer! I really like what it did for my skin, but I hated the smell. As such, it isn't my HG facial moisturizer and I wouldn't re-purchase because I am on the hunt for my perfect moisturizer and I won't stop 'til I find it!!

I used up a bottle of Bath and Body Works Coconut Verbena Lime spray, which I used as a room spray. It was nice, but I wouldn't re-purchase.

I finished off a trial sized version of bareminerals Flawless Definition Volumizing mascara. It was nice, and I loved the lush applicator. It didn't give a lot of length compared to other mascaras I've used. I may or may not re-purchase.

Lastly, I finished yet another pack of Simple facial wipes! I love these. I would definitely re-purchase when they're on sale.

There you have it, ladies, my August Empties! looking forward to seeing yours :)


  1. I cannot live without Prada Candy, but I have yet to finish it! I feel like I have to conserve it or did MUCH better than I this month! I wasn't good about sticking to a few full-sized products...

  2. I really want to try the Simple wipes, I love their face gels!

  3. Great empties post:) i hate it when my nail polishes get actually happened to a couple of my Essie's:(

  4. Love love my Prada Candy! Great job with your use it ups... :)

  5. I wonder, is Ocean Salt solely a facial exfoliator? I'm looking for a really good body one. Great post!

  6. I am happy to say that I have used up tons of little sample size things this month and a few big things! Sadly both of my Lush conditioners are part of the empties pile!!

  7. I also looooove Prada Candy, it is such an easy to wear perfume, any occasion, every time of the day! My second bottle is already almost finished :(

  8. Love my Prada Candy! But I'm nowhere near even half of the bottle yet. I also got a couple of samples of the Simple cleansing wipes with Loulou and another magazine. Will definitely try them out!

  9. My mom LOVES lavender and would probably enjoy the dream cream-I think I'll get it for her :)
    If you are looking for a new moisturizer I would recommend checking out Boscia's oil free daily moisturizer.

    xx Veronica

  10. I really want to try the Ocean Salt scrub now, everybody's been raving about it. I think I'll probably purchase it the next time I'm at Lush~

  11. Great post for all your use ups! A full size perfume.. That's amazing!
    I get sad when I use up a perfume.. but then happy because I get to pick out something new!
    I'm going to shoppers tmw for the 20x the points.. I'm going to finally buy those simple wipes and try them out!

  12. I need to really give Lush a closer look, especially as I am always seeing their products on blogs (mostly their face masks and lip scrubs). It's too bad a couple of these products turned you off because of the way they smell ... a nice scent really does matter!

  13. Ooo I love Prada's Candy but haven't got a bottle. I have Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb as my go-to gourmand scent so perhaps I'll get Prada's Candy when I'm done with that.

    Too bad about Hope In A Jar Oil-Free - I was eyeing that but I really should have a sniff before I purchase it!

    1. I'm in love with Viktor & Rolf's Flower bomb. I was on the rebound from Miss Dior Cherie which was a replacement for my ultimate perfume Viktor & Rolf's Eau Mega (which sadly is not carried here in Regina or even in The Bay's online store). I'm going to have to try Prada's Candy. I saw the commercials and it seemed to be targeted at a younger audience and thought it would be maybe too sweet for me

  14. i also love the simple facial wipes! so quick and easy/perfect for on the go (which I seem to be on a lot lately...)

  15. I'm using that bareMinerals mascara now, and I'm not really loving it. I just have the sample size, so I'll use that up, but I wouldn't repurchase!
    I do love those Simple wipes though! :)

  16. Another great empties post.. I have been wanting that Prada perfume.. I like that you have a tiny bottle how much was it?

  17. How are the simple wipes at taking off waterproof mascara/mascara in general?


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